Cesare Viel – L’Inaspettato – OPENING 16.11.23, 6 pm



Opening: November 16th, 2023, h 6 pm


“Here is L’Inaspettato (The Unexpected): the sudden shape of a plant body,
a tangled image that attracts you and would not have appeared if you had not slipped off the path. 

You begin to wander through the woods, constantly losing and regaining your bearings.
Scouring through brambles, bushes, thorns, leaning, fallen logs. 

Like a battlefield, earthy lumps mixed with stones and roots.
Trees rolled there by time and waters hold each other in acrobatic structures and shapes, from underneath, from within. 

Like blind moles you dig in the mud, and refocus, afterwards, multiple lines that continue in the sheet in all directions.”


Cesare Viel