Pinksummer, founded and directed by Antonella Berruti and Francesca Pennone, the gallery was opened in in Genoa in 2000. From 2005 the gallery is based in Palazzo Ducale, Cortile Maggiore.

Pinksummer peculiarity is that it operates in a city overlooking the Mediterranean, liminal to contemporary cultural production and its market. Historically, Genoa has been the scene of important events such as the first Arte Povera exhibition in 1969, and “A W-Hole House”, one of Gordon Matta Clark’s first cuts 1973, both of which could happen thanks to the work of private galleries in the city.

These environmental factors set the stage for the free and sometimes radical research conducted by Pinksummer, through the work of artists called upon to produce exhibitions, usually solo shows, about issues close to our hearts, such as the relationship between nature and society even through a utopian spatial gaze with an architectural matrix.

“Pinksummer goes to” is a project we have been carrying on since 2016 that moves from the need to confront other contexts such as the city of Rome for the 2016/2017 season, the city of Palermo in 2018, the Ligurian Apennines in 2020 and sometimes confronting other spaces of historical matrix, strongly connoted as for “By the Sea” exhibition by Mark Dion.

The gallery website is designed as an archive of the gallery’s exhibition and speculative activity. Our press releases are often interviews in which artists are prompted to tell their thoughts.

The name refers to a painting by Takashi Murakami presented in the first exhibition of the gallery.