Può uno spazio vuoto essere esplosivo?

Rassegna film e video

Can an empty space be explosive? is the title that we chose for the video – film programme that will happen because the rest programmed couldn’t and since we have a strange wish to do, and to do in presence, we gave the contingency a title that, although it recalls the quantum effervescence of zero-point energy, we would like the sum of this little review not to be anything, but to fill a bit the void. 

From 22 December to 16 January, with an interruption from 24 December to 6 January, the programme will be hosted in the hour of the gallery, in the main room of one or different films of the same artist, in the project room each day will be presented an artwork of the same artist. In the stairwell for the duration of the programme, a small drawing cabinet will be set up independently from the show. A maximum of four people at a time can access the exhibition.

22.12.2020 Cesare VielAndroginia – Domande d’Identità

23.12.2020 SUPERSTUDIOSupersuperficie – Atti Fondamentali

07.01.2021 Tomás SaracenoFly with Aerocene Pacha

08.01.2021 Georgina StarrAndrogynous Egg – Moment Memory Monument – Before Le Cerveau Affamé – Flesh: Six Sculptures – THEDA – The Bunny Lake Collection

09.01.2021 Bojan ŠarčevičThe breath taker is the breath giver

12.01.2021 Amy O’NeillThe Zoo Revolution

13.01.2021 Guy Ben NerSoundtrack

14.01.2021 The Icelandic Love Corporation: Aqua Maria – Water and Blood

15.01.2021 Invernomuto: Wishes of a G

16.01.2021 Koo Jeong A: CHAMNAWANA